Workshop on helping others design and deliver international programmes

CTL invites educational developers at Aarhus and other Danish universities to a workshop on helping others design and deliver international programmes. 9 December 2015, Campus Aarhus.

03.11.2015 | Helle Bjørnbak Goduscheit

Dato ons 09 dec
Tid 10:00 13:00
Sted Campus Aarhus - will be announced later
Tilmelding er lukket

Title: Helping others design and deliver international programmes: what works, why and with whom?

This workshop will explore different ways of organizing educational development events and activities, and will suggest how you might get the course responsibles (that is, programme directors and coordinators) on board. It will suggest ways to work with teachers, too, so that the whole academic team can develop truly international programmes with international curricula.

The workshop will be run by Jude Carroll.

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