Blackboard and WISEflow

Workshops and webinars on Blackboard and Wiseflow

Hands-on experience and insight into the use of the tools and options in Blackboard

Workshops and support on Blackboard

Aarhus BSS makes use of the Blackboard learning platform, which houses a digital space for each course. Here, teachers can distribute teaching materials, send messages to students and engage students in online activities.

Get hands-on experience with the many different tools in Blackboard:

Get hands-on experience with the many different tools:

Workshops to be requested

In addition to the workshops that are regularly offered each semester, we also run a number of theme based workshops that can be requested and held at the department. These workshops can be tailored to the needs of the participants and contain exactly what is demanded.

Here is a few suggestions on how such a workshop could be structured:



Support on course design:

Tobias Alsted Nielsen

Educational it consultant
H bldg. 1323, 314
P +4587162569

Guidelines for using Wiseflow and support

Margit Grønborg

Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - AU IT, Support, BS, Aarhus, Bartholin 2
H bldg. 1323, 318
P +4587166156
P +4521669688