Workshop: Explore new ways to design your Blackboard course site

Create aesthetically appealing and well-organised Blackboard course sites 

Since spring 2016, each department have had a specific institution template customised to use for all of their course sites on Blackboard. The templates is designed for courses, where only the material is uploaded and shared. However more lecturers take the opportunity to include different online functionalities on Blackboard in and outside of class. This creates the need for organising the course site in learning modules and a redesign of the course design on Blackboard.  

Take part in our workshop if you are planing on having more online activities on Blackboard, are setting up a blended learning course or you would like to simply redesign your course site so that it corresponds with the way you wish to structure your teaching. We will introduce different functionalities on Blackboard, and you will also learn more about the pedagogical opportunities of the platform.

Purpose/ Content

The purpose of the workshops is for the participants to become familiar with designing aesthetic Blackboard course sites as well as how to set up and organize learning modules.


  • Layout principles and organisation of materials and activities in a blended learning module in Blackboard.
  • Best practice examples of course designs based on a blended learning format.
  • Furthermore you will get a chance to work with your own course and use the principles.
  • This will also include course structuring, setting up learning modules and making layout changes

The participants will get hands-on experience with the presented tools


  • Please bring syllabus overview and curriculum for the relevant course(s).
  • Participants must bring a PC or Mac and have access to and Blackboard.