Workshop: Get started on Blackboard - for new university teachers and staff

Basic introduction to Aarhus BSS' learning management system Blackboard

Purpose/ Content

In this workshop we focus on some of the first challenges that a teacher, instructor or secretary can face in Blackboard.
The aim of the workshop is to provide insight and skills in the use of essential functions and tools of Blackboard.
The workshop combines instruction in Blackboard and hands-on exercises.


  • Blackboard overview (My courses, Settings options, Blackboard profile)
  • make the course list in My Courses/My institution more manageable?
  • edit my course site - is there a template for my department?
  • how to use ‘my Blackboard profile’
  • edit my course site
  • how to upload teaching materials to students?
  • send a message to my students
  • re-use of materials on various classes/courses and from previous semesters