and implementation

Centre for Teaching and Learning is involved in a comprehensive and continuous work to develop and implement new initiatives.

For instance, CTL is involved in the digitisation of teaching at Aarhus BSS through the implementation of three technical systems that support the achievement of Aarhus BSS’ strategy for blended learning.

The contact between CTL and the teaching staff at Aarhus BSS, which has been established through the course activities, has led many to enlist help from CTL in the work to develop teaching activities and programmes.

In collaboration with the departments, CTL organises department seminars focused on the department’s teaching and educational practices, and the centre also arranges academic days for students.

CTL conducts a range of analyses and surveys, including the study environment survey, which takes place every three years and is distributed to all 38,000 students at AU. CTL is also in charge of the psychological workplace assessment that focuses on all 8,000 employees at AU as well as the quality of PhD programmes surveys focused on the 2000 PhD students at AU.

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