Aarhus BSS Blended Learning Conference

Take part in the conference on technology supported teaching 26 November 2015 for all teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS.

2015.09.17 | Helle Bjørnbak Goduscheit

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Date Thu 26 Nov
Time 08:30 15:30
Location Hotel Comwell Aarhus

If blended learning offers so many advantages, why is it not already an integral part of all courses? This is the question, which Dr. Ron Owston will shed light on in his keynote speech on 26 November when Aarhus BSS is hosting a conference at Comwell Aarhus.

A successful integration of technology-supported teaching activities in and between classes requires a strategy, specific tools for lecturers as well as motivated students.

The conference is aimed at all teaching and management staff at Aarhus BSS. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the best way to implement blended learning into the teaching both strategically and in practice.

Dr. Ron Owston, acting dean of York University, Toronto and blended learning researcher, will start out by offering his answer to the question: 

If Blended Learning Offers So Many Advantages, Why Are So Few Institutions Adopting It?

This is followed by three specific examples of blended learning at Aarhus University. The three presentations focus partly on lectures, on large-class teaching and on the strategic considerations related to implementing blended learning in a whole degree programme.

Lunch is followed by four tracks:

  • Feedback
  • Blackboard
  • Engaging Learners
  • Strategy

These four tracks are divided into two sessions. The first session aims to inspire and provide examples of blended learning practices at Aarhus BSS. The second session consists of workshops giving participants the opportunity to work with the topic of the track in direct relation to their own teaching.

Read more about the conference and register here.

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