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How can I get into a dialogue with 300 students at my lectures? How can I use video in my teaching activities? And what have others done?

2016.08.29 | Redaktionen

TREAT stands for ‘Teachers Redesigning Educational Activities with Technology’. A very long name, so you can just call it TREAT ...

What is TREAT?

TREAT  is not a billboard for a thousand different smart tools. The tools we will be presenting have been carefully selected with a view to their learning potential and, not least, their user-friendliness. The tools must be easy to work with for both lecturers and students. We want to help you as a lecturer find the ideal digital tool for creating teaching activities that support learning both in and outside of the teaching situation.

We have now expanded TREAT with more tools, e.g. Google Docs, Google Forms, Mentimeter etc., and even more access points, which make it easier for you to find inspiration based on what you are looking for.   

  • Start with a digital tool and be inspired as to how you can use it in your teaching.
  • Start with a teaching activity and learn more about what others have done and what tools you can use to support your teaching.
  • Get good tips for planning your teaching.
  • Finally: If you often have trouble finding good photos for your PowerPoint presentation (which are both free and good), take a look under our Free photos where you can find useful links.

On TREAT, you will not only find detailed guidelines on how to get started from a technical point of view. You can also find guidelines telling you when and why using digital tools for teaching purposes is appropriate. And you can find examples and interviews with colleagues who have already tested specific tools in their own teaching practice. You can, for example, also get useful tips on activities in which the tools can incorporated as well as on how you can get the students in on the idea.

Video  – a classic

Video is one of the most common tools. Video can rarely stand alone, but is, on the other hand, a really good tool, for example for preparing the students for the teaching. Video also works well as presentation for an online assignment.

In the following video, Professor Anna Piil Damm from the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus BSS explains how video helped students prepare for the oral exam. She asked her students to record themselves on video while answering an exam question. As a proposal for the assignment, she had recorded two videos of herself as examples of an excellent and a medium performance. In this way, the students practiced the exam situation and became more aware of where the emphasis is placed in the assessment. See the entire interview here:

Interview with the Lecturer Anna Piil Damm, Aarhus BSS.

Read the full article here




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