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Kick-off meeting in Aarhus 8-10 August 2016
Discussing the OMAP project plan for the first year

2016.08.29 | News

CTL participates in three-year Eurostars project regarding optimisation of digital exams

The new Eurostars project OMAP, which stands for Online Massive Assessment Platform for secure, learning efficient large-scale assessments, was officially launched on 8-10 August with a kick-off meeting in Aarhus with participants from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) along with the Danish company UNIwise and the Korean company WeDu…

2016.08.15 | Research news

Effective student supervision under a study progress reform

The study progress reform has resulted in shorter time frames for project and thesis supervision. We do not yet know whether it will reduce the quality of students’ work. However, it clearly sets a new agenda for supervision.

Bente Mosgaard, CTL
Berit Lassesen, CTL
Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, CTL

2016.02.05 | News

Join our lunch meetings on feedback

"Lunch with feedback" is an open group of teachers at Aarhus BSS and three researchers from the Centre for Teaching and Learning, which meet over lunch every 6 weeks and share their experiences and get new inspiration under the title 'Teaching with feedback'.

Lauridsen, Karen M. & Stacey M. Cozart:  ”Teaching and learning in the international classroom: quality principles and lessons learned from the IntlUni project” i Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook (Raabe)

2016.01.27 | News

Book chapter: Teaching in the international classroom

The end of 2015 saw the publication of Karen M. Lauridsen and Stacey M. Cozart’s article on teaching in the international classroom, based on the principles developed in the IntlUni Project.

Educational developer Jude Carroll.

2015.12.18 | CTL services

Workshops on Tools for teaching in an educationally mobile world

International programmes and international students are part of our daily lives at Aarhus University. But how do you teach and plan your teaching when the students come with entirely different cultural and languistic backgrounds Are there any principles that you can follow to make your teaching more international and inclusive?

Campus Fuglesangs Allé

2015.12.15 | News

Associate professorship(s) at the Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning invites applications for one or more associate professorships in university teaching to begin on 1 June 2016.

Teachers and leaders from Aarhus BSS took part in the conference at Hotel Comwell Aarhus.
Director of studies Niels Lauritzen, MAT, held a presentation on converting Calculus to large scale blended learning.
Director of studies Per Andersen, LAW, held a presentation on digitisation of the law programmes.

2015.12.15 | Examples of good teaching

Full house at the Blended Learning Conference

Aarhus BSS had a very large turnout when we invited teachers, heads of department, and directors of studies to our blended learning conference at the Comwell hotel in Aarhus. On Thursday 26 November, more than 120 participants took the chance to hear presentations from colleagues and participate in workshops.

Teaching staff from Aarhus BSS gathered to learn more about feedback

2015.11.11 | CTL services

Focus on feedback

The issue of feedback is getting hot in the educational debate. This fall, feedback was also the subject of two different events at Aarhus BSS - the first one for students, the other one for teachers. Teaching Associate Professor Bente Mosgaard Jørgensen from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Aarhus BSS, contributed to arranging them.

CTL's course catalogue 2016-2017

2015.11.10 | News

New course catalogue

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has just issued a new course catalogue for all employees at the departments at Aarhus BSS.

2015.09.25 | News

Report on the implementation and operation of the digital exam system WISEflow at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS has just released a report on experience gained during the implementation and operation of WISEflow at Aarhus BSS during the period S2014 to S2015.

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