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Educational developer Jude Carroll.

2015.12.18 | CTL services

Workshops on Tools for teaching in an educationally mobile world

International programmes and international students are part of our daily lives at Aarhus University. But how do you teach and plan your teaching when the students come with entirely different cultural and languistic backgrounds Are there any principles that you can follow to make your teaching more international and inclusive?

Teaching staff from Aarhus BSS gathered to learn more about feedback

2015.11.11 | CTL services

Focus on feedback

The issue of feedback is getting hot in the educational debate. This fall, feedback was also the subject of two different events at Aarhus BSS - the first one for students, the other one for teachers. Teaching Associate Professor Bente Mosgaard Jørgensen from the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Aarhus BSS, contributed to arranging them.

Being an international student in Aarhus has its pros and cons. (Photo: AU Communication)
Sinika Timme, Germany: "It is simply much easier for me to get in touch with the Danish students than it is for the other international students here. The language just means so much,". (Photo: Steffen Moestrup)
Chin Yu Chai (Rebecca), Hong Kong: "I don’t really like drinking and partying, so maybe I am a bit outside". (Photo: Steffen Moestrup)
Laura Petrauskaite, Lithuania: "I don’t know if it is because of the culture or the sense of humour, but it felt really hard. Particularly in the beginning". (Photo: Steffen Moestrup)

2015.01.14 | CTL services

What’s it like to be an international student in Aarhus?

Internationalisation is on the agenda at both Aarhus University and Aarhus city council. Both have expressed a clear wish to upgrade on internationalisation and secure an increase in international students. But how do the international students feel about living and studying in Aarhus?

”It is my dream for all lecturers to have more possibilities and be better prepared for teaching in the international classroom when IntlUni is finished by next autumn,” says project coordinator Karen M Lauridsen. (Photo: CUL)
”It has been important to us that the different challenges should both be solved and make sense. For instance, one should not just group all students in a mix-up of as many different nationalities as possible. No, it has to make sense in the educational context,” explains Karen M. Lauridsen. (Photo: AU Communication)

2015.01.06 | CTL services

IntlUni prepares lecturers for the international classroom

The IntlUni project is reaching its final phase. Already now, the project can present a list of recommendations for bettering international study programmes.

“I really wanted to improve my teaching skills. I wanted to learn about the Danish education system, and the Danish classroom scenario as it seemed very different to the one I was used to in India", Shivani Joshi explains. (Photo: CUL)

2014.12.17 | CTL services

Teacher training programme helps overcome culture shock

In order to understand and learn from the Danish methods of teaching, Shivani Joshi from India attends the teacher training programme for AU employees in English. Although she has only just begun the course, Joshi feels it has already broadened her perspectives of teaching at university level.

Berit Lassesen, assistant professor at Centre for Teaching and Learning, is head of the working group. Photo: CUL

2014.08.14 | CTL services

New teaching evaluation system on its way to Aarhus University

Today, the use of teaching evaluation is very varied across the different main academic areas and departments of Aarhus University. But soon this will be changed.

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