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TREAT stands for ‘Teachers Redesigning Educational Activities with Technology’. A very long name, so you can just call it TREAT ...

2016.08.29 | Examples of good teaching

Connecting the dots between teaching and technology

How can I get into a dialogue with 300 students at my lectures? How can I use video in my teaching activities? And what have others done?

Teachers and leaders from Aarhus BSS took part in the conference at Hotel Comwell Aarhus.
Director of studies Niels Lauritzen, MAT, held a presentation on converting Calculus to large scale blended learning.
Director of studies Per Andersen, LAW, held a presentation on digitisation of the law programmes.

2015.12.15 | Examples of good teaching

Full house at the Blended Learning Conference

Aarhus BSS had a very large turnout when we invited teachers, heads of department, and directors of studies to our blended learning conference at the Comwell hotel in Aarhus. On Thursday 26 November, more than 120 participants took the chance to hear presentations from colleagues and participate in workshops.

Robert Ormrod was inspired to use his new teaching method when he attended Centre for Teaching and Learning's Go Online course. (Photo: CUL)
Students at Robert Ormrod's course are also enthusiastic about the wiki. René, who attended last year's course, explains: "Well, I did not just choose the course because of the teaching methods, but it was a significant factor for me choosing the course. I thought that using the wiki gave me a new opportunity to develop my argumentation, not just with theory and literature, but with statistics taken directly from the stock market, from an annual report of a company-website and not least with video and quotes directly from the source.” (Photo: AU Communication)
“The course inspired me to think about how I could, in short term, include the various tools we were given. But also, I began considering how I could use the tools more globally, in the long term, in order to increase the teaching reach”, Robert Ormrod explains about CUL's Go Online course. (Photo: CUL)

2015.01.20 | Examples of good teaching

The Wiki Way – a new approach to using the internet for course work

Robert Ormrod started teaching three years ago. Back then, he had a classic approach to teaching, but he felt that the students lacked motivation. Ormrod attended CUL's Go Online course and began using an online wiki to activate the students and get them to present and discuss what they had learned in a new way.

2014.10.21 | Examples of good teaching

New combination of Blackboard and group work brings new ways of activating students

“Find an image illustrating a specific period in the history of design and upload it to Blackboard.” This was just one of the many assignments which associate professor Andreas Thorngreen recently gave BA students at International Communication and Multimedia – assignments that led to students being more active and, thus, lectures more effective.

At Aarhus University, ‘Flying Schools’ do exist for the university staff who can follow various courses in pedagogy and didactics. However, Dee Fink points out that globally, far too little is done to develop skills of university employees. Photo: Colorbox.
L. Dee Fink is a highly respected American consultant in university pedagogy, who spreads his ideas on teaching in many countries. Photo: Dee Fink and Associates.
At the workshop at Aarhus University, Dee Fink explains that teaching is a dynamic activity, and in any dynamic system there is no such thing as stasis. Photo: CUL.

2014.09.03 | Examples of good teaching

Teachers should keep on training – as were they pilots

Dee Fink’s business card reads: “Professional and International Consultant in Higher Education”. But when you meet him, passion for teaching is the first thing you notice. Since 1979, Dee Fink has felt it as his mission to help university teachers become better at teaching. Follow a workshop by Dee Fink at Aarhus University.

250 psychology students in an auditorium are activated and involved through active teaching. Photo: Colorbox.
Apart from including activating methods such as shortly letting students consider and discuss a case with the neighbouring student, the course also includes other elements such as clickers and votes among all students during one lecture. Photo: AU Communication.

2014.07.24 | Examples of good teaching

How to engage 250 students at one time – Report from an auditorium

There are 250 psychology students sitting in the auditorium. In front of them is their lecturer who will spend the next two hours teaching them about chemical balances in the brain. The lecturer wants to put theories of active teaching into practice, therefore it is her goal, during the next two hours to activate and engage all 250 students.

The shared foundations provided by the videos meant that student discussions of theories were given a lift – and the videos of course also meant that there was more time for discussions when the class was gathered. Photo: AU Communication

2014.07.01 | Examples of good teaching

Teacher flipped the classroom: Now the students are really discussing theories

“Blended learning is excellent, and in the future it will be a permanent part of my teaching,” says one teacher who has just tried out this method of teaching. The teacher is associate professor Patrick Leroyer. He has tested blended learning at his MA course International Market Communication. During the tests, he found students to become more…

2014.02.08 | Examples of good teaching

Economics role-play encourages students to work harder

It is warm in room L261, and the atmosphere is slightly oppressive. Professor Philipp Schröder and Associate Professor Allan Sørensen from the Department of Economics and Business are feeling the heat in their smart suits and ties which they have donned to credibly act out the roles of employees in a survey unit under the BUSINESSEUROPE umbrella…

2013.05.15 | Examples of good teaching

Feedback experiment boosted student activity levels

Assistant Professor Ane Qvortrup from the Department of Education (ARTS) simply wanted to experiment with new approaches to feedback, but before she realised it, she had also developed another way of teaching. She got 90 students on the BA in Education Science programme to contribute to their own teaching by continually having to update a wiki…

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