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2016.08.15 | Research news

Effective student supervision under a study progress reform

The study progress reform has resulted in shorter time frames for project and thesis supervision. We do not yet know whether it will reduce the quality of students’ work. However, it clearly sets a new agenda for supervision.

2015.09.24 | Research news

New book: Help your students overcome exam anxiety

Berit Lassesen, assistant professor at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Aarhus BSS, recently published a chapter in a new anthology, which aims to provide suggestions on how to prevent test anxiety and how we can help students who have developed an exam anxiety disorder. The purpose of this chapter is to give teachers insight into how they…

2015.09.10 | Research news

Contribute to new book: Chapter on PhD supervision

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen (CTL) has just published a chapter on PhD supervision in a new book on university pedagogy.

2015.09.10 | Research news

Published article: students' doubts about their choice of study programme

Kim Jesper Herrmann (CTL), Rie Troelsen (SDU) and Anna Bager-Elsborg (CTL) have written the article (in Danish): "Med tvivlen som følgesvend: En analyse af omfang af og kilder til studietvivl blandt studerende" (Accompanied by doubt: An analysis of the extent and sources of study doubts among students - our translation) in Dansk Pædagogisk…

2015.06.29 | Research news

Tips for student-activating teaching

Students have to work actively during the lecture in order to learn. In this interview Associate Professor Ole Lauridsen provides tips for activating university students.

2014.02.12 | Research news

Danish PhD students need help writing in English

Writing in English is like driving along a pitted road or knitting a sweater without knowing whether you have enough wool. This is how PhD students at Aarhus University describe their experiences at writing PhD dissertations in English. However, many of them still choose to write in English, often without discussing it with their supervisors…

2014.02.11 | Research news

Feedback by students perhaps equally good

Students learn a great deal from feedback. Many BSS lecturers remind themselves of this when ploughing through large piles of written assignments. However, in future, students should perhaps learn to assess one another to a greater extent and give each other feedback instead of receiving it from their lecturers.

2014.02.10 | Research news

Supervision and better integration key to a good PhD programme

Good supervision and the sense of being integrated in a research environment make PhD students more independent researchers while reducing stress levels. These are the findings of a new study of quality in PhD programmes which the Centre for Teaching and Learning has just completed for the Talent Development Committee at Aarhus University

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Research news

New research projects within the field of university pedagogy from Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Aarhus University and international projects.



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