The course on supervision is revised from 2018

NOTE! From 2018, the course on supervision is offered in a revised version.

Traditionally, the course has focused on supervision of Master and PhD students as well as collegial supervision as a method for developing the individual participant’s skills and flexibility in the role as supervisor. From 2018, the course will be changed so that supervision of Master students will be withdrawn from the mandatory course and treated as a separate topic on voluntary workshops every spring. The titles of these workshops are not defined yet, but they will have a scope equivalent to approx. 3 hours and address different topics so that supervisors can compile a course that suits their interests and needs, e.g. "Tools for effective supervision in a study progress reform!" or "Collective supervision of Master students". The courses/workshops will be announced on CTL's website at the beginning of 2018.

This means that from autumn 2018 the course on supervision of PhD students will be aimed exclusively at supervisors who have or are about to have a PhD student. The scope will be approximately 3 days and correspond to approx. 40 hours for the participants. The course will still be mandatory in the sense that completion of the course within five years of employment is a condition for permanent employment as associate or full professor at Aarhus BSS.

Next time the course is offered in English will be in autumn 2019.