Course on classroom teaching for student teachers

Main purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to develop student teachers’ teaching skills in order for them to carry out effective classroom teaching - in other words, to teach in a way that most likely motivates the students to prepare for their lessons and to participate actively in lessons.

Classroom teaching founded on practical exercises, discussion-based teaching, and case teaching is a cornerstone in much teaching at Aarhus BSS. In many cases graduate teaching assistants teach such courses.

Classroom teaching makes it possible for students to work with theories, data, and methods of the subject. They can ask questions, practice the application of the theories and methodologies of the subject, and they can receive supervision and feedback from the teacher. Thus, graduate teaching assistants at Aarhus BSS have an important teaching function with a considerable learning potential. The aim of the course is to utilise and develop this potential.


The course addresses the following themes: i) planning of the (first) lesson with a specific focus on the students' preparation and active participation, ii) use of questioning techniques, iii) engagement of a broad cross section of the students, iv) handling of typical problems in classroom teaching.

As a follow-up to the course, the participants are offered individual feedback if wanted.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • plan a classroom lesson which motivates the students to prepare for their lessons and promotes their active participation in the lessons.
  • state a clear objective for each lesson
  • in a qualified way choose learning activities that support the objective of the lesson
  • use questioning techniques to explore the students' knowledge and skills, and on this basis offer feedback.

Fundamental concepts and work methods

By working out a plan for their first lesson prior to the course and by working on this plan during the course, participants prepare in the best way possible for their first encounter with the students. Such a plan consists of one or several learning activities. Not only do the participants have the opportunity to read about the various learning activities as part of their preparation, but also to see the learning activities applied in practice on the course day. Participants will also get a chance to discuss questioning techniques and practice these in a number of specific exercises.


Preparation will take 4-5 hours.

The course materials will be announced later.

Please note: Preparation is required. If a participants has not uploaded his/her materials in due time, s/he cannot participate in the course.

Special information for this course

It is the faculty’s policy that all student teachers at Aarhus BSS must complete the course as a prerequisite for their employment.

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