Go Online: Course on blended learning

Main purpose of the course

Go Online is a one-year development course on blended learning for experienced lecturers. The objective is that the lecturers, via specific work with their own courses, gain experience and insight into how blended learning can be incorporated in the planning of varied courses with teaching and learning activities that increase the students’ efforts regarding the course and its objectives (including preparation) as well as increase the opportunities for feedback on the students’ work.

As a participant:

  • You will get inspiration for and practical experience with blended learning - i.e. the combination of lectures, classroom teaching or other teaching activities with online teaching elements and learning activities in and outside of class.
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss your teaching with other experienced lecturers.
  • You will try out various digital tools and receive technical support.
  • You will be given tools for designing courses and evaluating your own teaching practices.


Go Online is structured as a blended learning course with sessions and learning activities on campus and online assignments, accessed via Blackboard. The course can inspire participants to combine traditional face-to-face teaching with online teaching and learning activities. They will at the same time be introduced to selected tools in Blackboard, and they will experience what it is like to participate in a blended learning course programme.

Go Online is based on the participants' own teaching experiences and challenges. Therefore, the participants' development and testing of blended learning is based on their own ideas and wishes, and they must carry them out in their own practice during the course. The participants will be supported through individual and collective supervision, and they will be offered technical support.

The focus of the course is how blended learning activities can increase the students' preparation and their opportunities to get feedback on their work. Also, it is emphasized that these factors promote students’ active participation in the teaching activities.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, participants should have the skills needed to plan and carry out a course based on blended learning, including the skills to:

  • analyse and discuss course design based on online teaching activities and technologies
  • use and develop online teaching elements utilizing Blackboard and other relevant technologies
  • test and evaluate online teaching activities in their own courses.

Fundamental concepts and working methods

The course is founded on the fundamental concepts that:

  • the participants develop their ability to make relevant didactic choices through their personal experiences from a blended learning course
  • based on their own objectives with blended learning, the participants receive the necessary technical knowledge and the necessary skills to develop and implement effective online learning activities for their students
  • on the basis of individual and collective supervision and technical support, the participants test and evaluate online teaching and learning activities in their own subject/course
  • the appropriate use of blended learning is based on the condition that there is alignment between learning objectives, type of assessment, and learning and teaching activities (both online and on campus) in a course. 


All material will be available on the course site in Blackboard at the beginning of the course. Instructions for preparation will be given during the course, but preparation will include:

  • Reading literature and online course material
  • Answering questionnaires and online assignments
  • Preparation of one or more learning activities for students
  • Giving feedback on course participants’ online assignments
  • Formulation of project plan prior to individual supervision
  • Production of digital course content
  • Giving feedback on course participants’ project plans prior to collective supervision
  • Drawing up a project report

Special information about this course

Due to Aarhus University's educational IT policy (Link: only in Danish) it is the faculty’s policy that all associate and full professors at Aarhus BSS must participate in the Go Online course within a few years.

All newly appointed associate and full professors must complete the course within 5 years after joining the department.

For newly appointed associate professors the following also applies:

  • You are exempt from participating in the Go Online course if you have completed the teacher training programme (adjunktpædagogikum) at AU in 2012, 2013 or 2014. By attending this programme you have completed a blended learning course that has the same content, scope and goals as Go Online course offered for assistant and full professors.
  • If module 3 of the teacher training programme (EDU-IT-module for associate professors at Aarhus BSS) is completed in 2015 and onwards, you must participate in a specially organised Go online programme which takes account of the competencies acquired during the teacher training programme.

The course, which is developed from 2010-2014, has a well-established concept, and approx. 200 participants from Aarhus BSS have participated so far.

The course is organized to accommodate the teaching methods that are most common at Aarhus BSS, and to optimize the teaching with educational IT within this framework. It is important to know about new tools in a teacher's toolbox to be able to choose the most appropriate methods and tools for one´s own teaching, including online tools.

Course seats are allocated between departments according to size and VIP-staffing. It is up to each department to prioritize and allocate participants.

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