PhD Course: Introduction to planning, presentation technique and teaching

Main purpose of the course

The purpose of the course is to introduce PhD students to tools that will help them structure their own lectures or conference presentations with a clear message as well as help them prepare and carry out their teaching at Aarhus BSS.


The course gives a short introduction to learning, including the concepts of deep and surface learning. We work with alignment between content, learning outcomes, and forms of teaching and examination; we also focus on key aspects of presentation techniques. Finally, the course introduces a range of easily manageable techniques to activate students as well as a type of feedback that the participants will try themselves during the course.

Learning outcome

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • account for and use basic concepts within learning, including deep and surface learning
  • plan a course module so that there is alignment between learning outcomes and forms of teaching and examination, and so that basic learning concepts are considered.
  • use various techniques, based on basic learning concepts, to activate the students in and between lessons and thereby strengthen their learning
  • structure and deliver a presentation in an adequate way
  • give and receive constructive feedback on lectures and on the planning of course modules.

Fundamental concepts and working methods

The course is organised so that it in itself demonstrates the basic idea that the students (the participants) are to be actively engaged before, during, and after lessons (the two course days).

There will be online activities, an exemplary lecture, and brief presentations followed by individual, pair, or group assignments.


The preparation consists of literature and audio slides, which must be read or heard prior to the two course days. Furthermore, there will be assignments accessible via Blackboard. Part of the assignments will be preparation of individual presentations to be delivered on one of the course days. The work load of preparation and course days amounts to a total 30 hours.

Special information about this course

Every PhD student, cf. Aarhus BSS' PhD guidelines (2016), must carry out at least one independent course module, which in regard to method and/or subject is related to the students’ PhD project, and every PhD student must acquire experience with teaching and communication.

This course complies with the requirement in Aarhus BSS' PhD guidelines regarding acquisition of qualifications in the areas of teaching and didactics.

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