Teacher training programme for assistant professors and post.docs

AU Educational Development Network (UPNet), of which the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a member, offers a teacher training programme in English for assistant professors and postdocs.

The course is offered every autumn and consists of 1 or 4 modules:

The first module is a basic training course in higher education teaching for all assistant professors and those (and only those) postdocs who will be teaching while working at AU. The first module is estimated at a total workload of 60 hours.

Assistant professors and postdocs who plan a career at the university will have to complete three further modules of approximately 90 hours of work. At the end of the programme participants will develop their own teaching portfolio required for tenure at Aarhus University.

The aim of the programme is to contribute to the professionalisation of university teaching by means of increased knowledge, more and better teaching skills, more reflection, more well documented choices and more sharing of knowledge and experience among faculty. The programme has been organised so that it supports the teaching activities in which participants are already involved.

It is a prerequisite that participants teach during the semester where they attend the programme, furthermore, participants must have a supervisor from their own department.

AU Educational Development Network (UPNet) is a collaboration between the four educational research and development units at Aarhus University.

Read more about the programme at the website: www.upnet.au.dk