Workshop: Active students in the lectures

Activate and engage large classes in dialogue during lectures

Purpose/ Content

Many teachers have trouble engaging the students during lectures. However, it is crucial for the students’ learning that they are activated and use their knowledge then and there. This is a challenge with more than 100 students in the same room – a lecture hall designed for only the teacher to be active and in focus.

The aim of this workshop it to present, go through and try out short stand-alone activities (such as One-Minute-Paper) and dialogue based activities (such as Think-Pair-Share and Peer Instruction), the latter  in interaction with the digital tool Mentimeter – a voting system that handles input from the students. Furthermore, the online note board Padlet will be introduced – a strong tool for the students to ask questions during lectures.


The workshop is a mixture of presentation and test of various exercises for teachers to utilize in their lectures. Additionally, the participants will work hands-on with Mentimeter.

In the first part of the workshop, the following student engaging activities will be presented: Word-cloud, Think-Pair-Share, Peer Instruction, One-Minute-Paper and Q & A.

In the second part, the various features and functions of Mentimeter are in focus. The participants will get the opportunity for setting up a test activity with help from the instructors.

In the third and final part, the participants will work with various types of questions and answers. Furthermore, they can develop a range of questions related to their own teaching.

The workshop will be wrapped up by means of participant inputs on a Padlet.


Before the workshop, the participants create a user in Mentimeter with an AU license and familiarize themselves with the tool. Besides, the participants will need to think of a class in which they want to use (some of) the activities mentioned.

CTL also offers:

this workshop as a commissioned or ‘tailor-made’ workshop or as a presentation for teaching teams or at academic events at programme, department or section level at Aarhus BSS.

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