Workshop: Designing blended learning courses

Create courses that have effective blended learning activities before, during and after class. As well as become more systematic when you decide, which teaching and learning activities should take place face-to-face, and which would work better online.

Purpose/ Content

In this workshop, the participants will get introduced to the basic principles of a blended learning course design as well as get the opportunity to design their own blended learning course.

The purpose is to strengthen the participants’ ability to judge which learning activities would be appropriate to place in the lessons (lectures/classroom teaching), and what activities could be placed outside the lessons (online).


  • In the workshop, the participants get the chance to rethink a course, work practically with the planning and will get advice and inspiration along the way.
  • The workshop starts with a brief presentation on instruments used on blended learning courses. What are the opportunities, the challenges, and are there any pitfalls to be aware of?
  • Afterwards, the participants are asked to look at one of their own courses in detail to see how they can design a blended learning course with a focus on student learning. For this purpose, the participants will use a “blended learning construction kit” to draft a course.


Please bring the course description for the course you want to work with.

More information will follow after the registration deadline.

CTL also offers

this workshop as a commissioned or ‘tailor-made’ workshop or as a presentation for teaching teams or at academic events at programme, department or section level at Aarhus BSS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.