Workshop: Designing internationalised programmes

Create a rich learning space for all students in the internationalised programmes and courses by means of easily accessible, systematic and efficient planning tools.

Purpose/ Content

Are you about to strengthen the international profile of the programmes your are responsible for? Or do you need to critically assess the international dimension of the programme? The purpose of this workshop is to give those responsible for the development of the study programmes at Aarhus BSS some easily accessible and efficient tools to analyze, discuss and reach decisions regarding the profile, learning goals and course descriptions of full programmes or individual modules. 


  • Short introductions followed by group analysis of concrete materials and discussions.
  • Debriefing in the large group.


  • Internationalisation of the curriculum – Conceptual Framework
  • L. Dee Fink (2005) Integrated Course Design. IDEA Paper # 42. Manhattan KS: The IDEA Centre.
  • Voice-over slides on the SOLO-taxonomy
  • All participants will be asked to bring (at least) one example of a course description that they themselves are responsible for.

Further details will be posted on Blackboard after the registration deadline 

CTL also offers:

this workshop as a commissioned or ‘tailor-made’ workshop or as a presentation for teaching teams or at academic events at programme, department or section level at Aarhus BSS.

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