Workshop: Make your course evaluation more valuable

Use your evaluation report as effective feedback and as inspiration for planning your next course. In addition, use the digital course evaluation system to formulate your own evaluation questions.

Purpose/ Content

Aarhus BSS has implemented a new joint digital course evaluation system.

The evaluation questions aim to increase the shared knowledge of how the students perceive the quality of the teaching and to form the basis of the further development of the teaching at Aarhus BSS.

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire the participants to develop their teaching by using the course evaluations.


  • You will get a brief introduction to the design of the evaluation report.
  • The participants will be assisted in analysing and discussing the results of their evaluations in groups of two to four with the purpose of developing their courses.
  • Plenty of time will be set aside to discuss the groups’ deliberations.


  • Upload the course description - including goals and current course activities (template will be submitted).
  • Bring the evaluation report.
  • Contemplating what topics to discuss.

More information will follow after the application deadline.

CTL also offers:

this workshop as a commissioned or ‘tailor-made’ workshop or as a presentation for teaching teams or at academic events at programme, department or section level at Aarhus BSS.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.